Tuesday, August 12, 2008

zergs soliders and queen

the first one is a foot soliders and workers then the big guys their generals and then their flying dragon like warriors and their tanks finnally their queen

chapter 8

side note: now in this chapter i am going to introduce a group of aliens known as zergs from starcraft now i am just saying that they are not my idea and belong to their to their copyright owners now with any do.

Chapter 8
Now our heros were in trouble fighting this new creature and its powers. The group did everything they could to try and stop the beast with words and tried to avoid its attacks but it was too fast and powerful. However in its blind rage they could easliy out smart it. However it was going to be hard, because of its speed was its best quality and its worst. They noticed that when he was moving at high speeds he would stop for five seconds to take a break. Now at this point they could either grab him or attack him. Now Sean tried to out power him but it didn't work because the lizard just kept getting stronger. With this power Sean was no match for him now Angel and Jeremy tried to outmatch him in speed but it didn't work either due to its powerful speed and reflexs they were defeated as well. Now Ryan and Desiree decided to double team hinm and use their best quualities. Now Desiree was good at transformation jutsus which allowed her to copy the beasts girlfriend. Confused it started to turn back to normal and at that moment Ryan grabed his sword and used the blunt end of the sword to knock out the beast. When the beast woke up he noticed that he had some metal gaunlets on his wrists and a necklace on with a werid pendent that looked like one of the ancient toys known as "hello kitty". The team explained to him that they are known as the cult and that they were not the knights and that they were looking for some artifacts. He knew where they are however they belonged to group of insectoids known as the zerg. They are a very dangerous group of aliens that are not good or evil they only destroy and assimliate and that is all. They are controlled by a queen who looks like a angel from far away bbut when you get close to it looks like a demon.Now the team gains a new ally and now they know where to go to get the artifacts.