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since no one cares and i broke up with my ex about 7 months ago then no more stories maybe a new one but not right now if you dont want me to stop then say so you basterds

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zergs soliders and queen

the first one is a foot soliders and workers then the big guys their generals and then their flying dragon like warriors and their tanks finnally their queen

chapter 8

side note: now in this chapter i am going to introduce a group of aliens known as zergs from starcraft now i am just saying that they are not my idea and belong to their to their copyright owners now with any do.

Chapter 8
Now our heros were in trouble fighting this new creature and its powers. The group did everything they could to try and stop the beast with words and tried to avoid its attacks but it was too fast and powerful. However in its blind rage they could easliy out smart it. However it was going to be hard, because of its speed was its best quality and its worst. They noticed that when he was moving at high speeds he would stop for five seconds to take a break. Now at this point they could either grab him or attack him. Now Sean tried to out power him but it didn't work because the lizard just kept getting stronger. With this power Sean was no match for him now Angel and Jeremy tried to outmatch him in speed but it didn't work either due to its powerful speed and reflexs they were defeated as well. Now Ryan and Desiree decided to double team hinm and use their best quualities. Now Desiree was good at transformation jutsus which allowed her to copy the beasts girlfriend. Confused it started to turn back to normal and at that moment Ryan grabed his sword and used the blunt end of the sword to knock out the beast. When the beast woke up he noticed that he had some metal gaunlets on his wrists and a necklace on with a werid pendent that looked like one of the ancient toys known as "hello kitty". The team explained to him that they are known as the cult and that they were not the knights and that they were looking for some artifacts. He knew where they are however they belonged to group of insectoids known as the zerg. They are a very dangerous group of aliens that are not good or evil they only destroy and assimliate and that is all. They are controlled by a queen who looks like a angel from far away bbut when you get close to it looks like a demon.Now the team gains a new ally and now they know where to go to get the artifacts.

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Chapter 7

Side note: well sorry bout the long wait folks had to deal with school, family and gf problems but the story is back on track and also desiree if you are reading this i love you

Chapter 7
The team soon chased the weird little man through the forest and tried their hardest to catch him and get sean's bag back. However this man was very tricky and could cast many spells that would trick our heros and make them think that they were going the wroung way or something else. However they did mannage to get him cornered and right when they were about strike him he grabed his hammer and put in the air called out "By the power of thor and Odin vanquiseh my enimes", and a huge thunderbolt came down and hit the team and nearly knocked them out. Luckly they survived it however it badly damged them and it nearly killed them. Right when they came to the man was gone, but he left a note saying that if they wanted to catch him they need to go to the dessert land and get a gem made of ice and take it to the mountain area and get a sword made of fire and he will give them the bag back. You see they needed the bag cause in it is the keys to get into their home and without it they cannot enter their home. They were on their way to the dessert area, used to be india however after some holy wars with a certain president from teaxes, bush jr, it is now a dessert. However their is a big oasis in the middle known for their women and a quick way to party. Now in this town thier is only one rule and that is to do what the king says and you won't lose your head. Now that is the law when the guards are around, but when they aren't around you can do what you want when you want just be carefull not to lose your head in the process. The first place the gang went to for info on this crystal was a dinnner called the bucket of blood. While in their they met up with secret agents known only as the sandmen in the cults group. They are known for their espionge in the dessert. They asked them about the crystal and the sandmen told them they had heard of it but nothing more. They said a man in the middle of the dessert knew where it might be but he was crazy said nothing but it was over 9,000 deggrees out here. While looking they found a weird man who possed the power to transform into a lizard when enraged, the sandmen told them that he was a thief and that he was seeing the prinecess of the land. They followed him and tried to get him to join and see if maybe he knew something they didn't. They cornerd him and asked for his name he told them that his name was aldin and that he was nothing but a ghost of the past and disaperad. They thought if maybe if they talk to the princess they could find him but it was too late they found her dead with three other bodies and aldin with her in his arms with one loud roar he told them that he will kill us, he was so enraged with anger and haterd that he wanted to kill the gang he mustv'e have thought they were knights. What will happen to our gang stay tunned till the next chapter

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Ryan the cult leader and his wife

His wife
ryan with his helmet on

Ryan with out his helmet

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Now the heroes were going home after the big battle that had just ensued they now had to go home and get ready for the biggest battle in the universe. They need to get some provisions and get their men ready before the great battle. But before they went home they had to stop and call the clans and tell them they had the other two artifacts and were looking for someone who knew how to use them and how to perform the ritual to summon the gods. They needed to find the two ancient sages who were said to be direct decedents. However finding them was almost impossible because Ryan and Desiree had pissed them off when they mistook them for garden gnomes, they are dwarves, and now they had to regard them as the "ALMIGHTY TALL ONES OF THE WORLD". Also they are the most wanted criminals for being cult members and for also scamming people out of money with their solar powered dryer, which was rope that had instructions saying that they to hang their clothes on this outside and let the sun do the work. Now the last time they were seen was in the city so the group decided to go home first and get some provisions first and then go to the city to get them. Now on their way home they found out that the city was beefing up security and was sending out new creatures called Slivers. They had a harvest like mind and they all had powers that aided each other and hurt other creatures or other slivers not in their hive. Now only one person was able to control their queen and that person was a mystery to everyone. However Ryan had an old friend who was making an anti-sliver unit of goblins his name was Mike the goblin king. He was a man that everyone feared because of his power and his goblins and their powerful fighting abilities. Now that the cult had someone to help them fight against the knight’s new group there was a very high chance that they would be able to summon the gods right then and their and soon the chaos of the knights would be over. Now while in the forest the team kind of hit a snag on the way home. It turns out that someone had told Zeus and the other gods about their plans. Right when they entered the forest that separated their home from the rest of the world millions of angels, snakes, lions and other creatures had started to attack them. The group divided and soon a big battle ensued with the group. Ryan and Desiree fought angels and killed them with one blow. Angel and Sean fought a big manticore, part lion and part dragon, they almost got stung a couple of times before they killed them. Both of the Jeremy’s used their ninja skills to destroy the demons. After the battle the group went back on their journey home until they notice a little man with a big hammer crying. The group asked him if he was ok and right then and their he took Sean’s bag and ran off. Who is this man what will happen next find out in the next chapter.

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5
Now lets begin in the year 1550 during that time the evil king Riofrio ruled the world and everyone was suffering. However two were suffering more then others their names were Drako and Ragnorok. Now before they became gods they just two average humans whom had everything that could go wrong. Their family were killed because they didn’t pay their taxes and they were thinking up some kind of new government where you pick your own leader and would have a voice in what you they wanted to call this government HELL YES WE FINNALY WIN FOR ONCE. Now the brothers worked for him and the queen as guards, however they got no respect, even though they were the best knights there. Now one day a beautiful wizard walked by the gate and Drako fell in love with her and ran out to her. Now Ragnorok hated wizards, because he thought they were nothing but thieves and con-artists. Now Drako had fell head over heels for her and did everything for her and she wanted him to do one big thing. She wanted him to kill King Riofrio and steal his treasures and give them to her. Now Drako told her that he had no idea how he was going to get the treasure without getting killed by his brother with that thought the wizard turned him into a Dragoonian, part man part dragon. Now he was much more powerful then anyone else on that planet and was going to invade the castle and destroy it. Now Ragnorok knew what was going on and took out their old family weapon of a giant metal dragon and was getting ready to fight for his life. The battle was the most intense battle that the world has ever seen. Each one matched each other blow for blow and with each blow destroyed more of the world and around it. Right in the middle Drako saw the wizard true form as the king’s wizard and was trying to kill the both of them with one shot. Now they were both enraged and were ready to kill and destroy everything around them. Then they both charged at the kingdom with all their might and right there a old and ancient sprit known as rage and destruction invaded them both and made them both gods and with this they had enough power to destroy anything in their path and with that. Eight gods froze the earth and from Norway, Japan, Greece, and Egypt worked together to stop the two new gods. They are Zeus, Hades, Anubis, Ra, Izangai, Enma, Loki, and Odin. Now these gods weren’t very chummy but in this case for them to stay and not be forgotten and die off just like so many other gods. "NOW THEN LET’S GET TO BUSSINEUS," yelled out Odin." Settle down you old windbag, you gods are nothing like the frost giants". "Quiet down you have no honor all you are is a little kid," said Izangai. " QUIET BOTH ALL OF YOU," roared Zeus as lighting hit the ground and with that the deal was made. Drako and Ragnorok will split into 4 weapons and both sides of heaven and hell will do everything they can to make sure they don’t come back. "Now that’s all changed since these knight guys because they are working for the heaven side and they are killing the followers who follow the gods who reside in the underworld and with that we underworlders will help you out". Now a new deal was made and the gods of the heavens will never be the same. See what happens in the next chapter.

chapter 4

Chapter 4
Author side notes: Due to money and other ideas this story will long be given one chapter at a time. When chapter 10 is done it will be proofread, autograph, and with a special picture on each title please enjoy.
The dark shadow soon came out and was reveled to be the great jackal god Anubis. "Why did you say Nikki Nikki Nikki?" said Jeremy 2. " I meant to say Nip not Nikki, the damn author screwed up". Jeremy 2 looked at him confused and just thought that this god was nuts. With that thought Anubis punched the ground and millions upon millions of snakes rose from the ground and captured the ninja before he could leave. " Now lets wait for your friends and then I will tell you a story". Now lets get back to the gang everyone else were meeting up together in the main hall that looked like a massacred of bodies had blown up. Now they were about to leave when all of a sudden the mace on the stick came out of thin air and yelled out " you dumb ninja revenge is mine I have a new friend". As soon as he said that a big ogre came out of thin air just like the mace. He was a knight and he was one of the most powerful out all of the knights his name is Mr. Cox. His style of fighting was with his fists and he used big sliver gloves that he made himself. As soon as he came out he charged the group and Sean met him head on. Soon a huge slug feast ensued each one punching each other with so much power that it turns a wall into dust. Right in the middle of the intense battle a small light came out of the sky and yelled " Mr. Cox I need you now you can kill them later come now". With that Mr. Cox disappeared and the mace was left alone. "WHAT THE HELL THAT’S NOT FAIR I ALMOST HAD MY REVENGE AND NOW I GET NOTHING THIS IS A HATE CRIMES ON MACES" as he yelled out. With that being said Jeremy ran over to him and grabbed him and put him in his pocket and said," sweet I get a free weapon". " WHAT AM I SOME KIND OF TOOL AND I DON’T HAVE A WORD IN EDGE WISE, WHAT IS THIS 2008", he yelled out. With said Jeremy 1 put some tape on his mouth and told him to shut up. Then out of the blue a fairy named Mrs.Scarborugh and a angel named Amelia flew down and told them that they had a important message for them. The message was that the Knight’s had found the other two artifacts for summoning Ragnorok and Brenda their spy was killed trying to steal it. Now they noticed that they were short a member of their group and ran back into the castle to find Anubis and Jeremy2, still tied up, together. " Now let me begin the story that you all need to hear there is something that you don’t know about your gods and why they sealed away and I will tell you". They all looked at him confused because Anubis was a god who was notorious for killing cult members. What will this story be about that Anubis will tell them find out in the next chapter.

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The scientist and the clans mark

The cults mark everyone has one on their body as a tattoo
Angel an old samurai encharge of the science department

Jeremy 1 and 2

Jeremy 2 a special ninja encharge of fire based missions
Jeremy 1 a ninja of great power encharge of getting new members

Second in command and our weapon man

Micheal a fallen angel encharge of weapons
Sean a undead zombie with the power to summon dark creatures

The twin gods

Ragnorok the god of animals, robots and dragons
Drako god of humans, demons, and dragons

Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Author side notes: Hello readers if you like the story then you can purchase it with the other chapters now I am thinking of selling the chapters after chapter three if the main characters. Oh and Desiree is Ryan’s wife sorry spelling error. They will be in a big binder for twenty dollars a binder with pictures and a spoiler of future chapters. Oh and one more thing I am going to try and find a site to show chapters later on next year if I sell enough of the binders Now hopefully you enjoy this and the other chapters.
Now lets return on Jeremy 2 and his problem in the dungeon. He awoke with a grin on his face and spoke in to a radio I am under the throne room. "Good, now set the explosives", said Ryan from his radio. Jeremy set up the explosives and stood back as a huge explosion burst out and took out the floor above him. Now Jeremy 2 was ready to take care of the king and kill him. Ryan, Desiree, and a frightened Sean walked to the secret room where King Rob kept his artifacts and they found what they were looking for an ancient blade. This blade was known as the blade of Drako and when combined with the orb of destruction will make Drako choice weapon the mace of darkness with it Drako can be summoned. Now on the other side of the castle Angel and Michael weren’t doing so hot after the enemy brought out some pets known as werewolves and hellhounds, three headed dogs. Jeremy was now fighting Peanut and it was an intense battle and Jeremy thought a few times he would die. However those thoughts were killed when he saw the mace and Peanut arguing about Peanut making fun of mace has a big hole in his "stick" and how he is an alien mace. Now Jeremy saw his chance and struck him down with big sword that he had hidden one of scrolls in his pocket and killed him. Now his mace yelled out "WHYYYYY HOW COULD YOU I WANTED TO KILL THAT MONKEY BASTARD" and then the mace disappeared into thin air. Now Jeremy 2 was in throne room and was looking around for Rob and saw Rob in a corner asleep with a pacifier in his mouth. Now Jeremy 2 was going to kill him as he slept when he saw something odd. He was breathing, it seems that Rob had a small heart attack and died in his sleep before anyone could get to him. Jeremy 2 starts to leave when he heard something move. As he looked over his shoulder he saw a dark figure moving where Rob was and yelled a loud roar "NIKI NIKI NIKI NIKI". What is this mysterious thing what will happen next to the gang?

Chapter two

Soon the army was on the edge of the castle gates. There they thought of different plans for invasion. However Ryan called on for some help he called for Jeremy and his wife, Desiree who was the strongest and most beautiful saint in the world. Who was one of the most powerful vampires in the world when it came to hand to hand combat and the greatest cook in the world. Also if you said anything bad about her cooking she will beat the shit out of you till you are on the brink of death. However three figures came out Desiree on the left, Jeremy in the middle, and some cloaked person on the right. "Which one of you is Jeremy?" called Ryan, both yelled at the same time "I AM". " OK which on of you is the real one" Ryan called again, " ME, NO ME, I AM, NO YOU AREN’T I AM" called out the two. Ryan then became angrier and his wife became very annoyed and grabbed her trademark weapon a big fan and whacked both out unconscious. It then that Sean that told Ryan that the one was the Jeremy that they knew and the other was also known as Jeremy. Now Jeremy 2, who we will call from now on for no more confusion in this story, was in charge of special missions that dealt with fire. Ryan then asked Sean "OK that doesn’t explain anything at all" Sean then told Ryan that the king has a huge dragon and Jeremy 2 can kill it. Just as they were talking an archer had spotted them and shot multiple arrows that were on fire. Right before the first arrow left the bow they all spilt up, Ryan, Desiree, and Sean in the first group. The second group had Jeremy, Michael, and Angel. The third was just Jeremy 2 who was still unconscious from the blow was captured by the first knight, known as the old man who complained about his wife and how it sucks, he also makes different comparisons with being married and things that cause pain. The first group went to the back and the castle through a secret door and the second group entered through the front gates, literally. Angel put a couple of paper bombs on the door and well you know what would happen to a big door and something that goes KA-BOOM. Now team 2 was having a fun time fighting the guards. Now Angel ran at full force at the first thing that was in way. Five seconds a Minotaur had a big hole in his chest, thanks to Angel. Michael then used every single gun that he had and shot down thirty archers and three centaurs. Jeremy decided to go farther and let those two while he went looking for some treasure and he found a Knight, Peanut was his name and his game was to hit you with his speed and his talking mace. He called the Mace, Mace on a stick he was very good with the mace however from time to time they would argue. Now lets go back to team 1 and see what they are doing. Well Ryan and Desiree were having one of their world-renowned arguments over what they wanted for dinner. Ryan wanted chicken tacos and Desiree wanted to go out, Ryan said they don’t have the money and Desiree didn’t care. Sean was very scared at this moment because anything that tried to talk to them would be obliterated. Well let’s just say 500-foot soldiers wanted to stop them and are no longer around. What will happen next is Jeremy going to defeat Peanut or is Jeremy two going to die. Will Angel and Michael survive against the foot soldiers? Finally will Ryan and Desiree stop fighting?

Twin gods

Hi this is my story if you go to bullard then you will know it but if you like it then tell me or email me at

The twin gods

"COME ON MOVE YOUR FUCKING ASSES OUT NOW" was yelled out into the night. As small group of people ran out of the snow to a big castle was decaying from age. Now if you are wondering what the fuck is going this group is on a religious mission against their king. Now their king was named king rob the dumb ass. Not many people liked him; the ones that weren’t his kids or servants who were zombies controlled by chips that make them do his bidding. Now the year is 3050 and the world now knows the truth of mythical creatures and they both coexist, however there is a secret cult that was unearthed when the day those two worlds collided. This cult is filled up of both humans and mythical creatures they follow two gods one known as Drako the destroyer and his brother Ragnarok the obliterator. Both of the gods controlled thing Drako controlled humans and dark spirits and brother controlled animals, mythical creatures and robots. Now their cult was thought of to be evil because they were dark, it was true but they thought they were good. Now anyone who was in that cult would be destroyed man, women and/or child no matter what. The "police" at that time known as the knights killed even their friends and family members. These men were cruel and heartless and loved to kill they are all outcasts and ex-cons. Whoops I forgot to tell you the people who were running names. Their captain Ryan, also known as Robodragon part robot and part dragon, was leading the fight. Sean second in command was a man who was one of the first followers of the cult but due to long fights he was forever changed. Michael in charge of the defense was a fallen angel who had been badly by a big grenade. Jeremy a fast and noble young ninja of the north who could destroy anything in his path he was in charge of getting new blood. Last but not least Angel who was in charge of the science department was a legend that people had forgotten but he has come back with revenge. Now will this small army will destroy that king within seconds or will this army be destroyed. Find out later, if you guys like it