Wednesday, January 16, 2008

chapter 4

Chapter 4
Author side notes: Due to money and other ideas this story will long be given one chapter at a time. When chapter 10 is done it will be proofread, autograph, and with a special picture on each title please enjoy.
The dark shadow soon came out and was reveled to be the great jackal god Anubis. "Why did you say Nikki Nikki Nikki?" said Jeremy 2. " I meant to say Nip not Nikki, the damn author screwed up". Jeremy 2 looked at him confused and just thought that this god was nuts. With that thought Anubis punched the ground and millions upon millions of snakes rose from the ground and captured the ninja before he could leave. " Now lets wait for your friends and then I will tell you a story". Now lets get back to the gang everyone else were meeting up together in the main hall that looked like a massacred of bodies had blown up. Now they were about to leave when all of a sudden the mace on the stick came out of thin air and yelled out " you dumb ninja revenge is mine I have a new friend". As soon as he said that a big ogre came out of thin air just like the mace. He was a knight and he was one of the most powerful out all of the knights his name is Mr. Cox. His style of fighting was with his fists and he used big sliver gloves that he made himself. As soon as he came out he charged the group and Sean met him head on. Soon a huge slug feast ensued each one punching each other with so much power that it turns a wall into dust. Right in the middle of the intense battle a small light came out of the sky and yelled " Mr. Cox I need you now you can kill them later come now". With that Mr. Cox disappeared and the mace was left alone. "WHAT THE HELL THAT’S NOT FAIR I ALMOST HAD MY REVENGE AND NOW I GET NOTHING THIS IS A HATE CRIMES ON MACES" as he yelled out. With that being said Jeremy ran over to him and grabbed him and put him in his pocket and said," sweet I get a free weapon". " WHAT AM I SOME KIND OF TOOL AND I DON’T HAVE A WORD IN EDGE WISE, WHAT IS THIS 2008", he yelled out. With said Jeremy 1 put some tape on his mouth and told him to shut up. Then out of the blue a fairy named Mrs.Scarborugh and a angel named Amelia flew down and told them that they had a important message for them. The message was that the Knight’s had found the other two artifacts for summoning Ragnorok and Brenda their spy was killed trying to steal it. Now they noticed that they were short a member of their group and ran back into the castle to find Anubis and Jeremy2, still tied up, together. " Now let me begin the story that you all need to hear there is something that you don’t know about your gods and why they sealed away and I will tell you". They all looked at him confused because Anubis was a god who was notorious for killing cult members. What will this story be about that Anubis will tell them find out in the next chapter.

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