Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chapter two

Soon the army was on the edge of the castle gates. There they thought of different plans for invasion. However Ryan called on for some help he called for Jeremy and his wife, Desiree who was the strongest and most beautiful saint in the world. Who was one of the most powerful vampires in the world when it came to hand to hand combat and the greatest cook in the world. Also if you said anything bad about her cooking she will beat the shit out of you till you are on the brink of death. However three figures came out Desiree on the left, Jeremy in the middle, and some cloaked person on the right. "Which one of you is Jeremy?" called Ryan, both yelled at the same time "I AM". " OK which on of you is the real one" Ryan called again, " ME, NO ME, I AM, NO YOU AREN’T I AM" called out the two. Ryan then became angrier and his wife became very annoyed and grabbed her trademark weapon a big fan and whacked both out unconscious. It then that Sean that told Ryan that the one was the Jeremy that they knew and the other was also known as Jeremy. Now Jeremy 2, who we will call from now on for no more confusion in this story, was in charge of special missions that dealt with fire. Ryan then asked Sean "OK that doesn’t explain anything at all" Sean then told Ryan that the king has a huge dragon and Jeremy 2 can kill it. Just as they were talking an archer had spotted them and shot multiple arrows that were on fire. Right before the first arrow left the bow they all spilt up, Ryan, Desiree, and Sean in the first group. The second group had Jeremy, Michael, and Angel. The third was just Jeremy 2 who was still unconscious from the blow was captured by the first knight, known as the old man who complained about his wife and how it sucks, he also makes different comparisons with being married and things that cause pain. The first group went to the back and the castle through a secret door and the second group entered through the front gates, literally. Angel put a couple of paper bombs on the door and well you know what would happen to a big door and something that goes KA-BOOM. Now team 2 was having a fun time fighting the guards. Now Angel ran at full force at the first thing that was in way. Five seconds a Minotaur had a big hole in his chest, thanks to Angel. Michael then used every single gun that he had and shot down thirty archers and three centaurs. Jeremy decided to go farther and let those two while he went looking for some treasure and he found a Knight, Peanut was his name and his game was to hit you with his speed and his talking mace. He called the Mace, Mace on a stick he was very good with the mace however from time to time they would argue. Now lets go back to team 1 and see what they are doing. Well Ryan and Desiree were having one of their world-renowned arguments over what they wanted for dinner. Ryan wanted chicken tacos and Desiree wanted to go out, Ryan said they don’t have the money and Desiree didn’t care. Sean was very scared at this moment because anything that tried to talk to them would be obliterated. Well let’s just say 500-foot soldiers wanted to stop them and are no longer around. What will happen next is Jeremy going to defeat Peanut or is Jeremy two going to die. Will Angel and Michael survive against the foot soldiers? Finally will Ryan and Desiree stop fighting?

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