Sunday, January 13, 2008

Twin gods

Hi this is my story if you go to bullard then you will know it but if you like it then tell me or email me at

The twin gods

"COME ON MOVE YOUR FUCKING ASSES OUT NOW" was yelled out into the night. As small group of people ran out of the snow to a big castle was decaying from age. Now if you are wondering what the fuck is going this group is on a religious mission against their king. Now their king was named king rob the dumb ass. Not many people liked him; the ones that weren’t his kids or servants who were zombies controlled by chips that make them do his bidding. Now the year is 3050 and the world now knows the truth of mythical creatures and they both coexist, however there is a secret cult that was unearthed when the day those two worlds collided. This cult is filled up of both humans and mythical creatures they follow two gods one known as Drako the destroyer and his brother Ragnarok the obliterator. Both of the gods controlled thing Drako controlled humans and dark spirits and brother controlled animals, mythical creatures and robots. Now their cult was thought of to be evil because they were dark, it was true but they thought they were good. Now anyone who was in that cult would be destroyed man, women and/or child no matter what. The "police" at that time known as the knights killed even their friends and family members. These men were cruel and heartless and loved to kill they are all outcasts and ex-cons. Whoops I forgot to tell you the people who were running names. Their captain Ryan, also known as Robodragon part robot and part dragon, was leading the fight. Sean second in command was a man who was one of the first followers of the cult but due to long fights he was forever changed. Michael in charge of the defense was a fallen angel who had been badly by a big grenade. Jeremy a fast and noble young ninja of the north who could destroy anything in his path he was in charge of getting new blood. Last but not least Angel who was in charge of the science department was a legend that people had forgotten but he has come back with revenge. Now will this small army will destroy that king within seconds or will this army be destroyed. Find out later, if you guys like it

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